Did you know keeping your fuel tank no less than half full could be a smart winter weather duty? Tough road conditions, accident-related congestion, and other troubles may lead to stopping and idling. Drivers may find keeping a decent amount of fuel in the tank helpful.

Other "small duties" may assist drivers concerned about winter's weather hazards. Did you know cold air could cause tire inflation to drop? Checking pressure weekly might be a good idea, as is putting winter tires on the car. And how about putting winter windshield wiper blades in place, too.

Examining the radiator for hose problems and coolant leaks advisable. So is replacing old coolant, since coolant loses its abilities with age. Testing the battery remains another helpful step. Dying batteries won't be too useful in the winter.

Melloy Chevrolet wants to be of use to drivers concerned about what the winter brings. Speak to someone at our Los Lunas service department for assistance.


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