Why The Big Sale

Why The Big Sale?

You might be asking if new cars are in short supply, why have a big sale? The answer is that while the factory has started shipping vehicles to us that we ordered previously they also have other vehicles built that are ready to ship. They are shipping those vehicles to dealers that are lowest on inventory. So the more cars we sell, the more cars we get! Pretty simple.

We are out to keep the supply of new cars coming to New Mexico and Los Lunas instead of having them go to other states. That means as soon as a vehicle arrives we need to find it a new home, or sometimes even before they arrive. We have had several customers pre-purchase vehicles while they were in transit to us.

Lets get to it. You want a car and we want to make a deal. Complete the form below and we will contact you or give us a call at 505-866-3000.

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